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How We Got Here

What started as a challenge to produce quality leather patch hats for our own brand, morphed into a full blown custom leather patch hat business.  We spent nearly our first two years working our tails off in our home garage, learning the trade, developing our own style, and stitching hundreds of hats for our first customers who were brave enough to trust us.  And we are so glad they did!!!  While we rapidly outgrew our space, we began dreaming of a storefront where we could continue to produce our quality products, and give our customers the opportunity to see options in person.  After all, hats are very personal!  So when our current location opened up in the middle of 2020, we knew it was time jump.  Pandemic or not!!!

We love being a part of the small business community in downtown Redmond, Oregon!!!  Our storefront is a place to dream, create, and find one of a kind off the shelf and custom gifts.  And that's not limited to hats!  We offer other quality leather goods, alongside unique items from Central Oregon and beyond. 

So what should you expect when you walk through the doors?  First off, a smiling face.  ;)  But, when it comes to hats we offer three different options:

1 - Off the Shelf: These are hats that we have designed, stitched and prepped to be purchased straight away, right off our shelf.

2 - Build Your Own: This is your chance to get as creative as you'd like!  We have over 300 different hats and hundreds of different patches to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect combination.  And the coolest part: we will sew it for you while you're here!  So in just a few minutes you can walk out the door with exactly what you want, at no extra charge!

3 - Full Custom: This option is for those that want to see their own logo/design come to life.  We offer a wide range of products from Richardson, Blvnk Headwear and other hat manufacturers, alongside a variety of leather options.  Head over to our Custom Page for pricing and info on how to order.

We can't wait to see and dream with you!


231 SW 6th St, Redmond, Oregon

Operating Hours:

Tuesday through Friday: 10:00 - 5:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 3:00


(541) 604-9939

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